There is nothing better than seeing the look on a person’s face when they hear clearly again for the first time in many years. People like you in the St. George area are passionate about staying active. Whether that means playing golf, hiking, or socializing with friends, our passion is to help you connect with the people who matter most. With every hearing loss being so unique, you can count on our St. George hearing professionals to utilize the latest and best techniques to understand your hearing and your specific concerns.

Hearing Testing

Hearing tests are an important part of evaluating the nature of your hearing profile as well as your overall health. At Southwest Hearing we perform a comprehensive set of tests that help us determine whether or not you have hearing loss, the nature and causes of your hearing loss, and what possible solutions may exist to help you overcome your hearing challenges.

Because we carry the widest selection of hearing technologies in Southern Utah, no matter what your test reveals, we can educate and inform you what your options are, and work together to find the option best suited to your life.

It is important to remember that even if you already have hearing devices, you should get them verified to make sure they are working as well as possible. If you already have devices but you aren’t fully satisfied with your hearing, call us and make an appointment for our comprehensive hearing evaluation. We will be happy to check if your hearing may have changed since your devices were programmed, or if they need adjusting to get better results.

Hearing Device Fitting

If our comprehensive hearing test determines that hearing devices are the best solution for you, our goal is to maximize the benefit they are capable of providing. Hearing devices will always work better if they are fitted precisely to your ears, and programmed for your specific hearing preferences.

Whenever you work with one of our professionals, they will make sure your hearing devices are comfortable and working correctly. After programming them, every new hearing device fitting will include a second hearing test to verify that you are getting the best results possible. Our team will also make sure that you have been thoroughly taught how to make the best use of all the advanced capabilities of your devices and how to maintain them for best performance.

Tinnitus Management

If you have ever heard a noise in your ears that is not coming from your surrounding area, you have probably experience Tinnitus (tin-NY-tus). People have described the sound as a ringing, buzzing, humming, rushing, or chirping in the ears. Tinnitus is known to go hand-in-hand with many other health conditions, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep deprivation, just to name a few. This condition can be very frustrating and may be temporary or persistent; but either way, our staff can help get you the proper treatment to improve your quality of life.

Through an in-depth review of our hearing test results as well as your healthcare history and lifestyle, we can review all of the available options, such as hearing aids, tinnitus masking devices, drug treatments, and counseling needs. If you are struggling with this difficult condition, please contact us for more information.

Earwax Management

Sometimes your hearing loss may be caused by a simple, yet surprising, problem: earwax. Many things can cause your ears to produce too much ear wax. Allergies, sudden weather changes, medication changes, or other health conditions may all cause your ears to become plugged with earwax. Sometimes that earwax can become hardened or impacted tightly against the eardrum and can negatively affect your ability to hear. You should never try to clean earwax yourself, as you could potentially damage your eardrum or ear canal. If you suspect that you may have an overabundance of earwax, call Southwest Hearing Clinic, where we can safely examine your ear, remove impacted earwax, and provide a comprehensive hearing exam to verify that the problem is solved.

Custom Hearing Protection

We live in a noisy world. There is no escaping the vehicle engine noises, sirens, construction noise, power tools, yard maintenance equipment, and sports noise that fills our environment all the time. Many of these loud noises are hallmarks of enjoyable activities that we would never want to give up. But at the same time, we would never want to sacrifice our hearing by over exposing our ears to sound levels that might be damaging. Noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable if we take steps ahead of time to safeguard our ears and auditory nerves.

Custom hearing protection technology is readily available and can be personalized to meet your individual needs, no matter what activities you plan on participating in, such as hunter’s ear plugs, musician’s ear plugs, swimming plugs, or even snoring/sleep plugs.

Serving our Veterans

Exposure to hazardous noise is common in all branched of our armed forces. At Southwest Hearing Clinic, we are proud to serve our veterans in any way possible. We offer a variety of payment and discount options for veterans so that we can make sure they have affordable access to the hearing technology that they need. In addition, all of our diagnostic testing procedures are performed in accordance with guidelines from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing aids are usually the most effective and unobtrusive way of improving your hearing. But assistive listening devices (ALDs) are accessories or technologies that might provide specific improvements in complicated listening situations, such as in noise, or hearing on the telephone, or while watching television. Some common ALDs are captioning telephones, FM transmitters, Bluetooth wireless speakers, or even directional portable microphones. If you aren’t quite ready for hearing aids, but need a little boost in some situations, ask us about ALDs as another option.