Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

You’ve just been fitted for your new hearing aid and you are excited to go out into the world and hear all of the sounds that have been mission from your life. Before you know it, you realize that there is a myriad of other accessories that you may also need. At first, the maintenance involved with your new device may seem overwhelming, but in time you will see that it is not costly or overly complicated.

Our trained specialists will help you determine which accessories you need and which ones you can go without.

We can help provide custom protection and molds for iPods and Sleep Plugs. We also sell Musicians Monitors and Musician Plugs ER-9, 15, 25.

We offer a complete inventory of cell phone accessories.

Batteries & Accessories FAQ

How do I know which battery to order for my hearing aid?

There is a standard size for most hearing aids as well as standardized system that makes it simple to find which battery your hearing aid requires. Once you memorize which color coordinates with the code you will never have to worry again. 675 (Blue), 13 (Orange), 312 (Brown) and 10 (Yellow).

How do I know which color or number battery fits my hearing aid?

A hearing specialist will be able to help you find the right size and color of battery that your specific hearing aid requires.

How long will my battery last?
Hearing aid batteries typically last a span of up to seven days before they will need to be replaced. However, that may fluctuate depending on several factors including the level of hearing loss, the model, battery and the location in which you are using them.

Why don’t these batteries last longer?
In some cases, batteries in other devices my last up to several years. Knowing this may lead you to wonder why your hearing aid requires such constant maintenance. This is due to the fact that hearing aids need to perform very complex functions that amplify sounds in various environments.

How can I avoid running out of batteries?
A simple way to ensure that you always have enough batteries on hand is to have a months supply (eight to ten batteries) and when you get down to four left, reorder more to allow for the shipping time.

Where should I store my hearing aid batteries?
The answer to this may bring relief knowing that there is no special equipment required for storing your batteries. Simply leaving them in a bedside table where you store your hearing aid at night is a great place to store batteries.It’s not a good idea to keep batteries in the refrigerator. Condensation and moisture can harm them. Avoid extremes in temperature. Hearing aid batteries like room temperature, just like you.

Our hearing professionals are happy to help you to purchase batteries or answer any questions you may have.

Just ask!