Southwest Hearing Clinic

About Us

We are Southern Utah’s premier provider of audiology and hearing care. Let our certified professionals on staff help you fine tune your hearing.

10 Reasons to Talk to Southwest Hearing Clinic About Your Hearing

  • 1: Hearing is our biggest concern. We love helping people reconnect with those they love through better hearing. Our goal with each one of our patients is to ensure they can make that connection.
  • 2: Patient satisfaction is our top priority. Your satisfaction with the hearing solution we recommend for you is of utmost importance to us. We don’t want you to feel confused about your treatment or how to find help, so we prioritize your understanding so you feel confident with your hearing solution.
  • 3: We’re your local hearing experts. Our staff is well-trained and certified in hearing sciences and hearing aids. We also work with the top local ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians.
  • 4: Our hearing testing process will accurately diagnose your level of hearing loss. Our staff of licensed hearing aid specialists are skilled at performing diagnostic examinations that are thorough, precise and accurate. This allows us to recommend the best solutions to help optimize your ability to hear and reconnect with loved ones.
  • 5: Exact fittings and programming guarantee your satisfaction. Even the most high-priced hearing aids will disappoint if they are not suited to your level of hearing loss. Our professionals are skilled at fitting and programming hearing aids based on the results of your hearing tests. The most advanced fitting methods and equipment are used to make sure you hear with maximum clarity, even in the most difficult listening situations.
  • 6: State-of-the-art hearing aids optimize your ability to hear. We work with the best manufacturers available and offer a complete line-up of the most technologically advanced hearing aids available. When it comes to hearing, you deserve the best help to accomplish it.
  • 7: Exceptional follow-up care gives you on-going personalized service. Your relationship with us continues well beyond the time of your initial fitting. Follow-up care is just as important as fitting and ensuring satisfaction. Office visits will ensure an optimal hearing experience for all our patients.
  • 8: We offer one-stop shopping for your convenience. Batteries, listening devices, and other hearing accessories are all available with us, making it us the one-stop solution to all hearing problems.
  • 9: Free hearing device “Clean and Check” service keeps your hearing instruments performing like new! We will teach you how to care for your hearing devices at the time of your initial fitting, but we also provide a complete and thorough cleaning of your hearing instruments for free!
  • 10: We service and repair hearing instruments. We can service and repair your hearing instruments in our office, often on a day’s notice. If your hearing device ultimately needs to be sent out for repair, we will be glad to expedite that service for you.